Danske Bank and Powa Technologies partner up on mobile payments

19 May, 2015
Danske Bank has entered into a partnership with British mobile commerce specialist Powa Technologies in both Denmark and Finland. The vision is to enable MobilePay users – in the long term – to shop from a mobile device in many other countries.
Danske Bank has partnered up with British company Powa Technologies to bring Mobile Pay users instant access to its mobile commerce platform PowaTag. The ambition of the company is to offer consumers all over the world easy access to mobile shopping with a variety of triggers. Until now, the company has signed agreements with more than 1,200 brands and chains, such as Best Western, OVS, Miinto and PWT Group.

The perspective of the new partnership is that MobilePay users, in the long term, can shop from a mobile device all over the world where PowaTag has established partnerships. All the user will need to do is to open his or her MobilePay, activate PowaTag and scan special tags anywhere from magazines to billboards, or audio watermarks from, for instance, a TV advert. Then, the customer can accept the purchase with a single click.
“The partnership with PowaTag is brand new,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of the MobilePay division at Danske Bank, and goes on: “In the long run, we hope that it will take MobilePay to a new level where users will also be able to use the solution outside Denmark.”
Ideal solution for Danes
PowaTag's creator and CEO, Dan Wagner, points out that the solution is ideal for the Danes, who are eager travellers. Moreover, Danes are large-scale consumers of international webshops, England being their favourite country.
“MobilePay is an impressive success at both the Nordic and global level,” says Dan Wagner. “With PowaTag's unique solution, we hope to help MobilePay users gain easy, secure and fast access to mobile shopping in many other countries than Denmark.”
Danske Bank the first bank to partner up with PowaTag
The solution is being developed on the basis of a shared ambition to provide the best possible customer experience. The cooperation on MobilePay makes Danske Bank the first bank in the world to integrate PowaTag's software into its mobile service.
The partnership with PowaTag also includes MobilePay in Finland.

For interviews, photos or further information, please contact
Peter Kjærgaard (petni@danskebank.dk), Press Relations, Danske Bank, +45 25 42 42 02
Matt Brown (Matt@flamepr.com), Head of Press Relations, PowaTag, +44(0)7917416800

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About Powa Technologies

​The Powa Technologies platform is designed to provide brands and retailers with an end-to-end multi-channel trading place. The platform consists of three products: PowaWeb (e-commerce via the Internet), PowaPOS (hardware and software for physical retailers) and PowaTag (a tool for shopping and paying anywhere).
All Powa sites are PCI Level 1 compliant and secure.

About PowaTag
The idea behind PowaTag is to change the way in which consumers shop in retail shops globally. More than 1,200 brands have partnered up with PowaTag, for instance, Best Western, OVS, Miinto and PWT Group. Special advantages of the solution are:

  • PowaTag easily and simply transforms impulses into a sale, thus eliminating the waiting time that often leads to interrupted transactions
  • Offline environments and printed materials can still be used for online shopping – even when shops are closed
  • Print, posters and TV adverts can also be used as sales channels for PowaTag
  • Via so-called infomercials and video/TV media, audio tags make it possible to transform audio watermarks into sales possibilities, for instance, at football matches or concerts
  • The solution does not require any add-ons – it uses existing smartphone technology
  • The solution enhances existing payment solutions rather than replaces them

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