Nordea joins MobilePay

13 October 2016

A new partnership model for MobilePay will give private users and businesses an even more innovative, efficient and user-friendly mobile payment platform. Danske Bank is opening the platform for all interested Nordic banks, and the largest Nordic bank, Nordea, has decided to join in Denmark and Norway.

Nordea has decided to join a partnership on MobilePay in Denmark and Norway. The aim is to make sure that private users and businesses in Norway and Denmark have a widely used, user-friendly mobile payment platform that is subject to constant innovation.

Danske Bank is also inviting all interested Danish, Norwegian and Finnish banks to participate in the MobilePay partnership.

Tonny Thierry Andersen, member of Danske Bank’s Executive Board, explains: “MobilePay allows us to offer Nordic users and businesses one of the world's most comprehensive mobile payment systems. New partner banks with direct customer contact will further the dissemination of the solution. And by joining forces with other banks, MobilePay will be able to accelerate innovation, which means that we can offer the absolutely best user experience.”

Solution with the most possibilities
Peter Lybecker, CEO of Nordea Bank Denmark, emphasises that the new MobilePay model gives Nordea’s personal and business customers access to the most widely used payment solution with the most possibilities in the market. He explains:

“The new partnership will benefit our customers, the market and the individual banks. MobilePay is known today for its user friendliness, and we want to contribute to making the solution even more widely used and to continuing the development of MobilePay as an innovative digital payment platform. All users will benefit.”

Intense competition on payment solutions
He and Tonny Thierry Andersen emphasise the need for banks to join forces in creating a strong shared payment solution in order to remain ahead of the increasingly competitive game. New mobile payment solutions are gaining ground very quickly, and new international players regularly appear in the market, also in the Nordic countries.

With the new partnership, Nordea will leave the Swipp collaboration and will in future instead invest in the further development of MobilePay. At first, Nordea’s personal customers will not experience any changes, whereas business customers who do not already have a MobilePay agreement will soon receive an offer to switch from their existing Swipp agreement to MobilePay. For the time being, Swipp agreements for business customers will remain in effect, however.

MobilePay will remain free of charge for private users. The participation of Nordea and other banks will help make the solution even more widespread and more efficient to operate, and over time this will allow even more competitive transaction prices for businesses that use MobilePay.

The partnership model makes it possible to integrate the most widely used mobile payment platform in Denmark with multiple banks' accounts and cost-efficient account-to-account payments. Besides business customers from Nordea will going forward be able to receive MobilePay payments directly on their Nordea account.

Other banks expected to join MobilePay
Other banks in Denmark, Norway and Finland are expected to join the partnership in the coming quarters. As a result, Danske Bank will now begin converting MobilePay to a subsidiary with its own board of directors, and MobilePay will no longer be branded as “by Danske Bank”.

To fulfil the ambition of creating a leading Nordic payment platform for Nordic personal users and businesses, MobilePay will seek to enter into a dialogue with Swish in Sweden. One of the long-term aims will be to enable Nordic personal users to make payments between MobilePay and Swish.

For interviews or more information, please contact

Peter Kjærgaard
Press Relations
Danske Bank
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Martin Kjærsgaard Nielsen
Head of Press
Nordea Denmark
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Main MobilePay solutions for businesses
• MobilePay Business, particularly for small businesses

• MobilePay for medium-sized businesses via GoAppified terminals

• MobilePay POS (point of sale), primarily for large chain shops in the form of "white boxes" and terminal solutions with Verifone and Bambora

• MobilePay app-in-app (for the Danish railways, postal services, etc.)

• MobilePay Online

• MobilePay for NGOs
Status and growth of selected MobilePay solutions
• Transactions between personal users grew more than 5% to 12.3 million transactions in September.

• MobilePay Business. 25,500 active customers. Up some 27% to 2 million transactions in September.

• MobilePay POS: 4,500 active customers. Up some 18% to 1.3 million transactions in September.

• MobilePay Online: 4,800 webshops. Up more than 3% to 300,000 transactions in September.

• MobilePay app-in-app: 48 customers. Up more than 6% to 365,000 transactions in September.
MobilePay has become a digital wallet – facts and figures
• In Denmark, MobilePay has more than 3.2 million registered users and more than 35,000 business customers.

• In 2016, the solution is expected to reach more than 180 million transactions and a volume of DKK 40 billion. Almost 25% of the transactions are made in shops and businesses.

• MobilePay is also available in Norway and Finland. In these countries, the registered users amount to 210,000 and 180,000, respectively. A number of business solutions have been launched in these countries in 2016.
Fun facts about MobilePay

• The third-most widely used app in Denmark, after Facebook and Messenger.

• Downloaded to nine out of ten Danish smartphones.

• 68% of train tickets sold through DSB's app are paid with MobilePay.

• 55% of the digital stamps purchased in Post Danmark’s Mobilporto app are paid for with MobilePay.

• 52% of MobilePay users are women.

• More than 300 charity organisations have used MobilePay, and more than DKK 35 million was donated with the solution.

• The largest single webshop purchase using MobilePay amounted to DKK 52,499.

• Total transactions throughout the life of MobilePay have exceeded DKK 56.7 billion. A total of 228 transactions have been made to date.

• Largest turnover in one day was DKK 314 million – on 30 September 2016. On that day, the number of transactions totalled 878,000.


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