At Danske Bank, we use e-Sourcing to obtain information, prices and offers from suppliers in connection with tenders and day-to-day procurement. We also use e-Auction, wherever possible.

e-Sourcing in brief
e-Sourcing is a web-based system for obtaining information, prices and offers and for negotiating with suppliers. e-Sourcing supports the entire procurement process and allows us to communicate clearly and professionally with business partners. e-Sourcing also ensures fair and equal treatment of all suppliers because they get access to the same information during the entire tender process.
Advantages of e-Sourcing
  • It saves time
  • It is a quick and easy way of exchanging information
  • It ensures a transparent and consistent tender and negotiation process
  • It shortens the decision-making process

e-Auction in brief
e-Auction is a system for online negotiation of the terms and prices of products or services. Suppliers are able to adjust their quotations based on current market prices. In addition to the price of a product or service, e-Auction can hold other data such as related services, quality and other details. These parameters will help provide the best offer for Danske Bank.
Advantages of e-Auction
  • It saves time for both parties
  • It ensures market transparency
  • It optimises the decision-making process substantially
  • Participants get real-time market information

e-Sourcing/e-Auction platform
Danske Bank uses the Scanmarket A/S platform for e-Sourcing and e-Auction.

All suppliers and persons negotiating with Danske Bank must be created as users in the system. We will register the suppliers as well as the persons who need access to the system.

Participating in an e-Sourcing or e-Auction event
Before the start of an e-Sourcing or e-Auction event, the contact person will receive a welcome e-mail containing a link to the event as well as a brief description of the event and its duration.

The contact person must save the e-mail during the duration of the event to ensure access to the event. Once the event is over, it will no longer be possible to access the Scanmarket system.
Only participating suppliers and Danske Bank will be able to see the information, prices and other details stored in the Scanmarket system during the individual event. Other suppliers are barred from accessing such data.

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